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It’s not just about aesthetics.


 When you feel good, you move through life with confidence and a stronger sense of self.  


We are experts in the latest, most effective technologies for non-surgical and natural aging reversal resulting in a fresher, younger-looking “YOU”.


Under the direct supervision of a medical doctor experienced in women’s health, your body is directed to return to a healthier, more youthful state through natural cellular modification.


Our philosophy: on-going care prevents future plastic surgery. 








Services:    Hair Removal 

                       Facial Sculpting

                       Customized Facials

                       Skin Care

                       Teeth Whitening










Non-surgical facial technology = natural age reversal by cellular modification. 


We have curated the latest, most effective solutions so you can prevent the uncertainty and expense of facial plastic surgery AND the lengthy, painful downtime.  It’s a whole new world now, thanks to technology and alternative treatments which go below the skin’s surface to wake up your skin for renewed collagen and elastin generation - naturally.


We customize solutions for YOU – because you are unique.



2335 American River Dr

Suite 402

Sacramento, CA 95825


Tel: 916.567.1700

Fax: 415.231.0036

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